Current Photos 
       Fossil Flyers Taken in 2011
Arlyn Stewart's latest project is a Travel Air 6000 that was designed to be an early airliner that carried five passengers and a crew of two. It didn't stay in airliner service for long due to it's slowness and low passenger count. It became endeared by out-backers due to it's excellent climb rate and ability to be equipped with floats and haul fishing and hunting groups and supplies to remote mountain lakes. It was also used quite extensively by smoke jumpers.     
Bobby Bounds helping to sign up flyers and spectators for the fun fly.
Fossil flyer representative

Not sure what they are looking at but must be interesting. How about teaching a new pilot to fly!
 Arlyn Stewart showing his stuff with the modified biplane he built himself. 
How about the final product in flight. It really looks great and flies beautifully!
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New sign that was installed at our flying field in honor of Floyd Harp